Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Exchange Server 2010: Improvements for ActiveSync and Outlook Mobile

In Exchange 2010, the mail server of the Office suite, ActiveSync function receives several enhancements.

First there is the possibility of establishing a list of terminals allowed or blocked. The updates for Outlook Mobile will be able to push from Windows Mobile 6.1, and therefore its replacement.

Most interesting is that the Exchange server can actually push out a new version of Outlook over the air to Windows Mobile 6.1, meaning older devices wont be left out of the party.

Other useful features are SMS sync and the ability to send SMS messages from Outlook, threaded e-mail views, streaming and transcription of voice mail, and free and busy status views.

Manageability of mobile devices have also been improved, with the ability to blacklist devices and block whole classes of devices, meaning insecure backdoor devices like the iPhone 3G can be stopped even before they log on to the network.


Outlook Mobile rightly regard, the presentation of emails has been very careful in order to gain clarity. It may for example distinguish between messages that have been answered and that was followed. Nicknames linked to addresses are allowed to simplify shipments to recipients with whom one is most often. Voice mails are no longer presented as links to download, just start playing.

They are transcribed directly in the message body for a more discreet.

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